7 months ago


The best place to start when looking for your first boat is a boat show – here you can compare like-for-like and really get a feel of the space you have on board. You can also search listings online, as our current brokerage listings, featuring boats of all types suitable for beginners.

Depending on your level of interest, there are boats to suit all budgets, from smaller day boats to larger motor yachts.

Manoeuvrability in tight spaces is likely to be a deciding factor for the novice sailor, as well as ease of cruising and handling when at sea.

A popular choice for first-time boat buyers are smaller-sized yachts up to around 40 to 50ft, allowing for easy handling and agility. However, larger sized boats can deliver the space, luxury and handling you need as well.

Choosing the perfect base for your boat is dependent on a number of factors – firstly, where do you want to cruise to and what is important to you when it comes to marina facilities and access.